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Tuesday, January 12

9:32am PST

Zillow: Optimistic Concurrency Using Write-time Timestamps
Consuming messages from multiple sources in a scalable service sharing the same Scylla cluster can be problematic, especially when those sources provide data from two queues each and cannot deliver guaranteed in-order messages. At Zillow, we provide the Scylla write timestamp and employ a couple other tricks at Zillow to provide correct and consistent data to our consuming services and avoid doing transactions. Additionally, our data model is a simple compound key that contains a large binary Avro document.

avatar for Dan Podhola

Dan Podhola

Principal Software Engineer, Zillow

Tuesday January 12, 2021 9:32am - 9:44am PST
Main Stage

9:56am PST

GE Healthcare: Enabling Precision Health with Edison AI
GE Healthcare required the fast performance of a DynamoDB-compatible database, but to run on-premises to ensure patient data remained confidential. Find out how they employed Scylla's DynamoDB-compatible API to provide precision medical diagnoses in their Edison AI solution

avatar for Sandeep Lakshmipathy

Sandeep Lakshmipathy

Director of Engineering, Edison AI, GE Healthcare
Sandeep Lakshmipathy is the Director of Engineering for Edison AI at GE Healthcare. He currently leads several initiatives to accelerate AI product development across healthcare products. Sandeep holds a B.Tech in Computer Science from Bangalore University, a Master’s degree in... Read More →

Tuesday January 12, 2021 9:56am - 10:07am PST
Main Stage

10:21am PST

Grab at Scale with Scylla
Grab is a “superapp,” an all-in-one app used by tens of millions of users daily across Southeast Asia to shop, hail rides, make payments and order food deliveries. Discover how Grab is using Scylla today to continuously evolve and expand its platform and capabilities to new use cases.

avatar for Chao Wang

Chao Wang

Software Dev Engineer Manager, Grab
Chao is working on Grab’s Trust team and contributing on building the ML driven fraud detection platformWorked on moving the engineering and the machine learning challenges forward in the last 5 more years
avatar for Arun Sandu

Arun Sandu

Engineer, Grab
• Arun works on design, automation of reliable and scalable NoSQL datastores, operating in a cloud environment across Grab.• Worked at Starbucks building highly resilient scalable infrastructure and a distributed datastore for Rewards program in North America and Japan market... Read More →

Tuesday January 12, 2021 10:21am - 10:35am PST
Main Stage

10:50am PST

Scylla @ Disney+ Hotstar
Disney+ Hotstar provides on-demand video to more than 18.5 million paid subscribers and 300 million monthly active users. Hotstar's India Premier League (IPL) coverage in 2020 made it the most widely streamed sports events in the world to date. Learn why they chose Scylla Cloud to replace both Redis and Elasticsearch, and how they migrated their data with no downtime.

avatar for Balakrishnan Kaliyamoorthy

Balakrishnan Kaliyamoorthy

Senior Data Engineer, Disney+ Hotstar

Tuesday January 12, 2021 10:50am - 11:06am PST
Main Stage

11:19am PST

Scylla @ GumGum: Contextual Ads
Gumgum is a global media company specializing in contextual intelligence. Find out how and why they moved to Scylla Cloud to meet their growing customer demands and deliver on their promise of future proofed solutions.

avatar for Keith Sader

Keith Sader

Senior Manager, Ad Server, GumGum
Keith is an agile engineering manager experienced in bringing together teams both remote and local, tying in stakeholders, and making things better for all parties. Always exploring new technologies with the perspective of a legion of failed 'better ways.”

Tuesday January 12, 2021 11:19am - 11:34am PST
Main Stage

11:35am PST

Expero/QOMPLX: Using Scylla with JanusGraph for Cyber Security
Come hear how QOMPLX, a leader in Cyber Security Risk Management solutions uses ScyllaDB and JanusGraph to detect, manage and assess risks for large corporate and government clients. By leveraging two highly horizontally scalable and fault tolerant technologies, QOMPLX can flex with their clients' needs.

avatar for Angad Salaria

Angad Salaria

Director of Engineering at QOMPLX, Inc., Qomplx
Angad leads development of QOMPLX's cloud-based Enterprise Operating System, Q:OS – a unified analytics infrastructure for enterprise decision making. Angad holds a B.E. in Electronics & Telecom from the University of Pune, India, and an MSc in Information Systems from Virginia... Read More →
avatar for Brian Hall

Brian Hall

Graph & Analytics Practice Leader, Expero
Brian leads the Graph and Analytics Practice at Expero, with consulting expertise across a wide array of graph engines including JanusGraph, DataStax, Neo4j, Tigergraph, Neptune, and CosmosDB. Brian has been developing software and consulting for over 25 years and holds a B.S. in... Read More →

Tuesday January 12, 2021 11:35am - 11:47am PST
Main Stage

11:47am PST

Ticketmaster Performance Test: Scylla, DataStax DSE and Apache Cassandra
Ticketmaster is part of Live Nation Entertainment, the world's leading live entertainment company. Learn why they went with Scylla after conducting performance testing between Scylla, Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise.

avatar for Linda Xu

Linda Xu

VP, Data platform, Ticketmaster
Linda Xu is the Vice President of Data Platform at Ticketmaster, where she has worked on both SQL and NoSQL infrastructure for over a decade. Her work included providing and maintaining data/database platforms for Ticketmaster’s core transaction and consumer experiences system... Read More →

Tuesday January 12, 2021 11:47am - 12:02pm PST
Wednesday, January 13

9:32am PST

Numberly: Getting the Scylla Shard-Aware Drivers Faster
Alexys will explain how Scylla shard-aware drivers are implemented and why Scylla benefits from them. Taking the Python shard-aware driver as an example, Alexys will demonstrate how recent shard-aware drivers can leverage the new shard allocation algorithm that Scylla 4.3 brings to the table, and how to make use of it from a developer or administrator point of view. Alexys will showcase benefits from real production graphs observed at Numberly.

avatar for Alexys Jacob

Alexys Jacob

CTO, Numberly
Alexys is CTO at Numberly. He is an open-source contributor, a Gentoo Linux developer, and PSF contributing member. He enjoys sharing his experience on architecture design, distributed systems, fault tolerance and scaling Python.

Wednesday January 13, 2021 9:32am - 9:43am PST
Main Stage

9:56am PST

Mail.ru: High-Load Storage of Users' Actions with Scylla and HDDs
The presentation gives a brief overview of the high-load service that stores users' actions. The given service is able to serve up to 240k writes per second in less than 2ms 95 percentile with just a few ScyllaDB nodes packed with HDDs. Hardware setup, cluster specification, live load numbers and latencies achieved are given. The problems we encountered with HDD setup are described along with the possible solutions to them.

avatar for Kirill Alekseev

Kirill Alekseev

Software Engineering Team Lead, Mail.Ru
Kirill is a software engineering team lead for the largest email service provider in Russia. Kirill graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. He loves coding, music and parties.

Wednesday January 13, 2021 9:56am - 10:09am PST
Main Stage

10:19am PST

Expedia: Our Migration to Scylla
Expedia Group is a multibillion dollar online travel company. Learn why they decided to move from Apache Cassandra to Scylla to further their corporate growth, what they learned in the migration process, and how Scylla improved their operations.

avatar for Singaram Ragunathan

Singaram Ragunathan

Data Architect, Expedia group
Singaram is a seasoned data professional who’s passionate about distributed database systems, highly scalable big data models, data pipelines and application software. He has fun building database infrastructure as code and helping application teams with their journey to cloud... Read More →
avatar for Dilip Kolasani

Dilip Kolasani

Database Reliability Engineer & Cloud Engineer, Expedia Group

Wednesday January 13, 2021 10:19am - 10:30am PST
Main Stage

10:51am PST

IOTA: How IOTA Uses Scylla to Store Unbounded Flow
IOTA Foundation has created a feeless, minerless distributed ledger technology. While many transactions on the Tangle occur on ephemeral nodes, some transactions require strong data governance and data retention that can may require years or potentially decades of persistent storage. In these use cases, learn how IOTA Foundation implemented Scylla as a data store for Chronicle, its permanode solution.

avatar for Louay Kamel

Louay Kamel

Distributed systems engineer, IOTA Foundation
Louay's passion is in parallel programming, storage, consensus algorithms and distributed systems. And he drinks a lot of coffee.

Wednesday January 13, 2021 10:51am - 11:04am PST
Main Stage

11:18am PST

Broadpeak: Building a Video Streaming Testing Framework with Seastar
At Broadpeak, we initiated an effort to use an in-house benchmarking tool built upon Seastar. Our benchmarking tool emulates thousands of HLS or DASH video clients benefiting from the asynchronous programming model of Seastar with capabilities similar to JMeter but with complete support for HTTP/2, as well as high performance thanks to an extensive use of the native stack based on TCP. We tested up to 170 Gbps HTTP/1.1 traffic and 100+ Gbps HTTP/2 on a single dual-socket server. This shows that Seastar is well suited for applications beyond servers. During the presentation, we will highlight some limitations of Seastar we identified for such kind of client applications and the fixes we made.

avatar for Nicolas Le Scouarnec

Nicolas Le Scouarnec

Senior R&D Engineer, Broadpeak
Nicolas Le Scouarnec is an R&D engineer at Broadpeak, a provider of CDN equipment for ISPs. He likes squeezing as much performance as possible from hardware. He currently focuses on performance evaluation of video delivery systems. Previously, he worked on optimizing networked systems... Read More →

Wednesday January 13, 2021 11:18am - 11:32am PST
Main Stage

11:32am PST

Redpanda: A New Streaming Storage Engine for Modern Hardware
Computers now have 1000x faster disks, 100x bigger network pipes and 20x the number of cores than a decade ago. These advances are often wasted on software designs that ignore these revolutionary changes to the hardware underlying their platform. Learn how Vectorized leverages Seastar to build a new streaming engine that is Kafka API compatible yet offering 10x performance improvements.

avatar for Alex Gallego

Alex Gallego

CEO, Vectorized
Alex is the Founder and CEO of Vectorized. He’s spent 12 years in streaming. Previously he was a principal engineer at Akamai through the 2016 acquisition of Concord.io, a C++ Stream Processing engine.

Wednesday January 13, 2021 11:32am - 11:45am PST
Main Stage

11:45am PST

Ola’s Journey with ScyllaDB
Ola is India's leading on demand ride-hailing business. Over one million drivers rely on us for a high throughput, low latency, and high availability systems on the backend to serve millions of rides everyday. It is critical that our software systems are architected to support this real-time nature of our business. An important component of our internet scale consumer system is the database. In this talk we are going to share how we are using Scylla database to support various critical real time use-cases

avatar for Anil Yadav

Anil Yadav

Engineering Manager, Ola Cabs
Anil is a database engineer at Ola Cabs, where he works on database and infrastructure. Prior to Ola, he worked on Snapdeal/PayTM’s data infrastructure. His expertise is architecting databases for scale.

Wednesday January 13, 2021 11:45am - 11:55am PST
Main Stage
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